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How to get More doubledown casino free chips on mobile

Get more doubledown casino free chips on mobile


Did you know you can add extra free chips to your doubledown casino? How you ask, simple; login into your DoubleDown Casino and activate notifications to pop in your smart device and each announcement opened earns you EXTRA chips! The notifications send you info on special activities happening at DDC. You not only get chips but extra spins as well, unfortunately, they’re not shareable.

How to get more ddc free chips on iOS ?

For iOS users, go to the notifications icon, click on it, scroll downwards in the DDC app and select “Allow Notifications.”The game will open on your device when you click on notifications stating either free spins or free chips. Once the game loads, the extra chips will load into your ddc account. Fortunately, the notifications are not based on a first come, first served basis.

If it appears and you are using your phone for other functions, finish up what you’re doing, visit the notification center and open the notification.Also, you don’t have to keep going to the notifications center, the pop-ups will appear on your lock screen and if you have the time, click on them and load the game to receive extra free chips.

Accessing The Notification Center

Right from your lock screen, you can swipe the screen from top to bottom and access the notification center when a pop up appears. When the free chips notification pops up, tap on it and claim the chips.A friendly reminder, every iOS version, and the device may have its way to access the notification center, the knowledge given here is about the common ways you can use to access notifications.

If swiping from top to bottom doesn’t lead you to a list of mobile notifications, visit the Casino’s help page or your device’s manual and get the correct ways to access the notification center.In some later iOS versions, you will need to swipe from the left to the right side of the lock screen to get to the notification. You may be taken to the center (information) to access the pop up there.


How to get more free chips on Android Devices ?

For android powered devices, things are much easier, you tap on the notification, and the DoubleDown Casino app will load up granting you free chips, spins or extra coins.


Important : Our Advice

To get the free bonuses, you should always either tap or swipe the lock screen within the specific notification. If you mistake and touch any other place on the screen, you will have failed to launch the app and might not profit from the bonus.Again, refrain from going to launching the app directly when a pop up appears, this way, you will not benefit from the freebie notifications!

More Ways to get doubledown casino free chips

Make time to load the DDC app daily and cash in the daily wheel spin. Getting into the app daily wins you several free chips that you can use to spin the wheel and try your work on winning.

Sharing is Winning: By sending gifts within the game to your in-app friends, you not only get three awards in return for everyone posted, but you also earn extra takes on spinning the wheel.

When you qualify for the Diamond club and become a member of the pink tier, you have the chance of redeeming several gifts daily.

Social Media Bonanza: by following DoubleDown Casino social pages, you open up yourself to a different set of earning additional gifts.Simple go to facebook and like the DDC page, log on Pinterest and follow them, follow their Instagram page, and finally follow them on Twitter to earn more gifts with each social media page visit.

The official FB fan page makes it possible for members to redeem free chips by posting codes from time to time. The page is also the best place to get the low down on what’s happening with DDC.

Website Sign Up: for those that are always on email than anything else, you’re better of signing up for the newsletter. Get in-touch with DDC’s customer experience team, and they will set you up. You will then be receiving the promotional emails with all the relevant info.

These are the best and legitimate ways to make an extra coin or get free spins with DDC. Be cautious of any other info or sites that try to lure you by giving you something not announced through the official channels!

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