How to get doubledown casino 1 Million chips & Promo codes

DoubleDown Casino Promo Codes for 1 Million Chips

You can get one million chips from DoubleDown Casino for free. You do not have to use any promo code for that. All you have to do is refer a friend and get them to use your invitation to download the app and then log into it using their Facebook credentials. As and when your friend joins or registers and creates an account, you will get a million chips for free. This is directly from DoubleDown Casino and not through any third party or by using specific promo codes. Every player can take advantage of this referral bonus.

Collect Free Chips

The million chips available for free are for all players who refer their friends and whose registration is verified through the links. There are other ways to win or get chips. There are promo codes available for Double Down Casino that can be used to redeem free chips. However, the referral program is not associated with any such promo codes. It is a standalone offer from the casino itself and every player should try and make the most of it. Whether or not you have been familiar with the casino, you should introduce other players, who are your friends on Facebook and beyond, to earn the million chips that are up for the grabs.

There could be some issues in securing the million chips in certain cases. It is not uncommon for players to download the app of DoubleDown Casino directly from the app store or play store onto their iOS or Android phones respectively. If your friend receives your invitation but does not use it to get started and instead directly downloads the app or starts playing at the casino through their Facebook profile, then you will not receive anything. You must ensure that your friend uses the invitation link that gets sent when you refer someone. You can refer to as many friends as you can but not those who may have already played some games at the casino. If anyone already has their Facebook profile connected with DoubleDown Casino, then they are not new players and will not be treated as your referrals. Hence, you will not qualify for the million chips as referral bonus. You need to refer to friends who will become new players for the casino to qualify for the million free chips.


There are times when DoubleDown Casino may not reward referrers with the million chips even after they follow the right process. This is an issue you must take up with the casino. Since it is the casino offering the chips for free and only they manage the referrals and new player registration using the invitation links, no one but they can resolve such issues. You should follow the process without any error and notify the friend you are referring to use the invite link. Third party sites, promo codes and other links will not serve any purpose when the casino itself denies your chips or does not honor its pledged offer.


To refer a friend, log into DoubleDown Casino, go to gifts console and look for invite friends. Click on it and a window should pop up. In here you will find all your friends on Facebook who are not currently registered with DoubleDown Casino. You can select one or more friends from this list. You can also search for other friends you may want to invite. Send the invitation and wait for your referred friend or friends to get started so you can get one million chips.


Do not invite friends who may have already played games at Double Down Casino. It will be a futile exercise and you shall gain no points. You should always refer friends who have not played. You must try and make sure that the friends you refer actually join or register at the site and start playing games. The million chips are not subjected to any condition of your friend winning or any such precondition. All you have to do is get your friends to register and get started. You will get a million chips for every friend you refer and who actually joins Double Down Casino for the first time. A simple message to your invited friend should suffice.

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